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March 2013
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We've all heard that every dark cloud has a silver lining.  It's often the most challenging and difficult events of life that bring us to a place of self-actualization.  In this episode of So What Do You Do you'll meet Marshall Bone, the Chief Encouragement Officer of Bare Bones Media.  His mission is to help people discover who they were made to be, and to help them live out their life's mission.  You'll be encouraged and feel uplifted as you listen!  For more from Marshall, visit

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The positive influence of a parent is not something to be underestimated. In Connie Ragen Green's case, her mother's words inspired her to do what she wanted with her life.  Today, Connie is a very successful Internet entrepreneur that helps people all over the world live out their dreams by having their own internet business.  In this episode of So What Do You Do, you'll get to meet Connie and discover her strategies for making money online.  

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How does someone get the attention of corporate big-wigs while working at the deli counter at a local grocery chain? You do something to stand out! That's exactly what Lee Collins did as he discovered his natural talent for systemization.  

In this episode, you'll discover how Lee's giftedness forever changed the operations manual for a national grocery chain, and how he has gone on to use his talents and abilities to bring value across multiple industries.

For more from Lee Collins, visit

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Sometimes it is the seemingly innocuous and random events of life which can teach us the greatest lesssons.  In this episode of So What Do You Do, best-selling author and LinkedIn expert Ted Prodromou shares how his experiences as a little league coach transformed his outlook on life.  Ted also shares some must-hear tips on using social media to grow your brand and expand your reach.  For more from Ted,

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Fear can keep people back from growing to their full potential.  In fact, it can sometimes be paralyzing. Sonya Ramsey knows what it is like to look fear straight in the face and push forward in spite of great obstacles. In this episode of So What Do You Do, you'll meet Sonya and discover what it means to wipe fear off the map so you can become who you were destined to be!  Learn more about Sonya at

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Jason Nicholas has been drawing and creating art for his entire life.  Passionate about sharing his creativity, Jason expresses himself through his art and imagination. He has a unique way of inspiring "aha!" moments in others by encouraging them to try their hand at art.  In this episode of So What Do You Do, you'll meet Jason and discover how you can express your creativity through art.  For more on Jason, visit his site at

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Do you live by fear or do you live by faith?  In this episode of So What Do You Do, Alan Young shares some incredibly difficult trials he has experienced in his life, and how facing those trials head-on led to an encounter that would change him forever.  If you've ever been on the brink yourself, you'll be inspired by Alan's story. And you'll discover how he now uses his life to make a difference for others.  For more from Alan, visit

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Some people have everything handed to them. Others have to fight the odds and work their way to the top. Arlene Krantz wasn't encouraged to be successful, but through sheer determination she was able to rise to the top. Today, her life's work is dedicated to helping other overcome obstacles and reach for their dreams. In this episode of So, What Do YOU Do, Joel Comm speaks with Arlene about the challenges she encountered, and explores the ways in which Arlene is making a difference in the world today.  For more from Arlene, visit

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The web has made it incredibly easy for anyone to set up their own blog. But few people understand how to create content and drive traffic to their site. Expert Blogger, Dan R. Morris, helps bloggers improve their online revenue stream through his training, products and services. In this episode of So What Do You Do, you'll discover how Dan works with bloggers to help them optimize their pages, their writing and use of social media. You'll become smarter, more efficient and more prepared to develop a sustainable online income. For more from Dan, visit

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How does a near-death experience change the way you see the world? Patricia Clason knows first hand, as she has been to the edge and back again. In this episode of the So, What Do YOU Do podcast, Joel Comm speaks with Patricia about how she uses her talent for communicating to positively impact lives. You'll discover how Patricia's trainings have helped people all over the world and how her own path of healing has provided her with a special empathy for others. You'll be especially moved by Patricia's organization designed to help heal the hearts of our veterans of war. For more from Patricia, visit

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